Cockroaches are one of the ugliest, most horrifying pests that you can spot in your house. They are capable of spreading many disease-causing pathogens, triggering allergic reactions, and exacerbating asthma. Cockroaches contaminate the very surfaces upon which they walk,and any food that they come into contact with. For these reasons, and because they can be so difficult to kill or get rid of, it’s important to know how to tell if you have cockroaches, what species of cockroaches you may see in your house, and how to eliminate or prevent an infestation. Read on to learn more about how to tell if you have a roach infestation. Eco Pest Solutions is a top pest control provider in Tampa. Call Eco Pest Solutions for your commercial pest control needs today.


Common Signs Of A Roach Infestation


When it comes to a cockroach infestation, it is essential to act as quickly as possible. The sooner a cockroach infestation eradicated, the easier it will be to get a handle on the situation. Since most species of cockroaches are nocturnal and tend to be quite secretive, however, a serious infestation can happen before you ever even lay eyes on a single live roach. If you are informed about the main signs of a cockroach infestation,  you can take action sooner and  get rid of these unsightly pests. Here are some signs of a cockroach infestation to watch out for:

  • Finding droppings- Roaches have extremely big appetites and will eat pretty much anything, including human food, petfood, garbage, and dead skin cells. Due to their voracious appetites, cockroaches will leave droppings wherever they go. You can tell what kind of roach it is through what the droppings look like, but the majority of roach droppings will look like coffee grounds or specks of black pepper. If you find droppings in many different spots, then the infestation is probably large. If they are more concentrated, then eliminate any sources of water and food near the droppings to control the roach population. 
  • Egg cases- As prolific breeders, roaches disperse their eggs in egg cases known as ootheca. Each ootheca can hold 10 to 50 eggs. Certain species of roaches keep their ootheca attached until just before the eggs hatch, but other species will attach an ootheca in a sheltered space days before they hatch.


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  • A musty, pungent, oily odor- Most people will not notice an odor until the roach population is quite high, but it’s still something to watch out for. Roaches leave a smell due to pheromones they secrete, odor trails (maps they leave for each other), droppings, and dead bodies.
  • Finding a live or dead roach- Roaches are usually seen at night when they enter a dark kitchen or bathroom, turn on the light, and see roaches run for cover. If the roach population is high, however, you may encounter roaches during the day as well. A lack of resources and overcrowding can force roaches to change locations during daylight hours. 


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It’s important to watch out for signs of a roach infestation before it happens. If you find cockroaches, call Eco Pest Solutions in Tampa for commercial pest control services today!


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