As the long summer days drag on, it’s time to spend time barbecuing with family, enjoy playing with your kids, and do some yard work. However, with all of the great things that summer brings, there are also some downsides- like the droves of insects and pests that pop up in yards, garens, and homes around Tampa. In this lush and (unfortunately) insect-friendly environment, it can feel like a constant battle to keep the pests away and stop them from damaging your property and disturbing your peace. When you’re faced with a severe infestation, your first reaction may be to immediately quickly target the problem by using a strong chemical pesticide. But the reality is that using harsh pesticides in and around your home can be dangerous, and it’s so much better to go the eco-friendly route. Read onto learn more about the benefits of using eco friendly pest control. Eco Pest Solutions provides residential pest control services. Call Eco Pest Solutions for your pest control needs today!


Why Choose Eco Friendly Pest Control


Using environmentally friendly techniques to manage pests in the home is not only safer for the environment and for human beings, but also comes with many other added benefits. Here are some additional reasons why using minimally-toxic pest control method should always be your first choice:

  • Better (more long-term) results- Eco-friendly pest control methods are just as effective as traditional techniques, and can even have more effective results long-term! For example, you may not know that insects can develop a resistance to chemical control methods. This makes it much more difficult to exterminate an infestation, since this resistance will be passed onto their offspring. Eco-friendly solutions, luckily, make it a lot more difficult for pests to develop resistance to treatments. Eco-friendly pest control, moreover, is engineered to address the roof of the issue, raising the chances that you won’t have the same issue again down the road.
  • Doesn’t damage the landscaping- Traditional pest control methods need to be reapplied every month or so, and spraying these harsh chemicals on your property repeatedly is not only bad for your health, but the health of your landscaping as well! These pest control methods can cause grass, bushes, and other plants to shrivel and die. Moreover, these chemicals can stay  buried in your soil for a long time, making regrowth hard.


Eco-Friendly Residential Pest Control Benefits

  • Does not harm useful insects (or pets!)- Certain insects can actually help your property. Toxic chemicals raze down everything in their path, while eco-friendly pest control methods are more specifically so that it doesn’t harm your pets. 
  • No strong smell- Conventional products can linger in the air for days after they have been applied. These products have a strong scent, and it can leave your family sitting in a smelly environment, inhaling air that is heavily laced with toxic substances. Eco-friendly methods don’t leave a strong smell and will not linger or spread in your home.


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There are many benefits of choosing to use eco friendly pest control. Call Eco Pest Solutions for your Tampa residential pest control needs today!

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