Rodents are the most common animals to invade homes. Looking for a free place to call home and access to food and water are the reasons why they turn to you. Although rats and mice are part of Florida’s natural environment they don’t have to be part of yours. Rodents are known to carry up to 35 different diseases. They are also known to cause damage to furniture, floors, ceilings, doors and walls. They also contaminate the insulation in your attic and walls with feces, urine, shed fur, parasites and other contaminates.

Rodents can chew through just about anything pipes, wires, wood, etc… they have caused fires, plumbing leaks and structural damage making them a health and safety concern in your home. We have the right rodent control and elimination programs to fit your specific needs.

Rodent Exclusion: Sealing of all possible and known entry points around the exterior of your home. We utilize the latest in rodent proofing materials and techniques. Once the exclusion is complete, we then place traps in the attic to remove whatever rodents may still be remaining inside.

Rodent Monitoring: Tamper-proof bait stations will be strategically placed around the exterior of your home or business. These stations contain rodenticide that will give you around-the-clock protection. The amount of Rodent pressure will determine the frequency of monitoring.

Rodent Trapping: Placing snap traps in the attic space and monitoring by our technicians regularly.

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