At Eco-Pest Solutions we provide solutions for all your pest control needs with a variety of different products and techniques. We practice an Eco and Pet friendly approach to pest control that is safe for your family and pets. Our residential pest control services are effective and non-evasive. We know pests are not a laughing matter and we take our jobs very seriously. Pests can make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable in your own home and for good reason. They are known to spread a variety of diseases due to their ability to carry bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

waterbug on the wallThe Eco Shield Safe Home Program is a Eco friendly pest solution plan that provides a shield for your home against pests. When you call to make an appointment, we will come to your home for a Free in-home inspection. We will inspect the interior and exterior of your home which allows us to develop a comprehensive analysis of your home.  After the inspection we will provide a customized service plan targeting your specific needs. On your initial service we focus on interior entry points and conducive areas such as attics, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and plumbing penetrations. Targeting these specific areas allows us to treat for pests where they are coming from to stop them from entering the living space of  your home. Most of the time we can achieve these results without using any interior sprays! Once we have resolved your interior issues on your initial service, we will continue to protect your home with the Eco Shield Safe Home routine maintenance program. Your routine maintenance will be completed on the exterior of the home so we won’t need to come inside after your initial service, unless requested. For your exterior service we place a barrier around the home that will form a shield against pest trying to penetrate your home. This is done from the exterior of your home which makes our program convenient for you because you don’t even need to be home. If at any time a problem arises on the interior we will come treat it at any time as many times as it takes to resolve it at no extra charge to you.

The Eco Shield Safe Home maintenance program is maintained by renewing your exterior barrier on your regular service visits. This will ensure no new pests will get in by inspecting and treating the perimeter of your home as well as treating doors, windows, conducive areas and entry points. Web dusting spider webs around your home is also included in your regular service visits. This includes wiping off all spider webs around and away from doors, windows, eves and screened in enclosures keeping your home looking well maintained and clean.