bed bugBed Bugs are hitchhiking parasites and only feed on human blood. They are mainly active at night usually in the early morning around 2-4 am when they know you deep asleep. They pierce your skin with an elongated beak which contains a numbing agent so you don’t even know you’re getting bit until the next day. Many times bites don’t manifest to a mark or rash until several days after being bit. By that time they are already back to their hiding places awaiting their next blood meal. These pests can multiply very rapidly and can spread very quickly. Each female can lay 1 to 7 eggs per day. A single female can cause an infestation of more than 5000 bed bugs within a 6 month period. It only takes about 21 days for a bed bug to reach adult stage under the right conditions. The Physical and Psychological effects can make most people very uncomfortable. Being assaulted in your own bed in your most vulnerable state is just about more than anyone can take. Bed Bugs are very good at hiding and keeping out of sight. Trying to eradicate these pests on your own can be costly and take a lot of your time. Just missing one bed bug on a treatment will be the difference between success and failure. Hiring a skilled, trained pest professional is highly recommended.

Many people think that Bed Bug problems are only a problem for people that reside in a messy home. Actually these bugs do not discriminate and will thrive in any environment as long as there is a host. Anyone can fall victim to these unwanted guest.

Bed Bugs can be found just about anywhere. You can bring these unwanted guests home with you from hotels, movie theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, planes, ect…

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